We are a small family business specialising in the restoration, rebuilding and servicing of classic cars. The pages of this website should give you a flavour of what we do and how we go about it. We enjoy what we do and aim to keep it that way. We hope to make it easier for the classic car enthusiast to keep cars on the road for their own, and future generations enjoyment.

We recognise that you have put time, effort and money into your car and would wish for it to be worked on by someone who is sympathetic to its age and status as a cherished car. Whilst your car is in our care it will be looked after as if it were our own. We specialise in cars over 30 years old, because we enjoy working on these older cars.

  • A written quotation will be supplied before work commences, any deviations from this will be discussed with the owner beforehand
  • Quotations and Invoices will be broken down as much as possible to enable the owners to see where their money is being spent.
  • All work digitally photographed and put onto CD for the owners.
  • We don't do "quick fixes", all work is done properly and is done to last.
  • We realise reputation is everything in a business such as this.
  • Advice is free, don't be afraid to ask.